The Community of the Lady  of All Peoples

“In Amsterdam, heaven announced a mystery...
which is being fulfilled in Quebec.”


The Lady of All Peoples and “Life of Love”

From March 25, 1945 to May 31, 1959, Mary appeared fifty-five times to her messenger, Ida Peerdeman, a maiden lady who was 39 years old at the beginning of the apparitions and who lived in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Presenting herself as the Lady of All Peoples, Mary gave Ida important messages for the Church and the world.

Now, in that same period, in Quebec, Mary was informing her handmaid, Marie-Paule of the life of moral and physical sufferings awaiting her. At the age of 12, Marie-Paule, a native of Lac-Etchemin, had given herself to divine Justice for the salvation of souls. Following this she experienced the cross under all its forms: physical, moral and spiritual sufferings accepted in silence, love and offering at every moment.

In 1958, the Marian year celebrating the centennial of Mary’s apparitions to Bernadette Soubirous (Lourdes), Marie-Paule’s spiritual director ordered her to write her life – Life of Love, title given to her by the Lord Himself.

In 1967, Raoul Auclair from France, a Marian and eschatological author, published the book La Dame de tous les Peuples [“The Lady of All Peoples”] after a lecture he had given on the subject in Paris. This book was distributed in Quebec in the same year, and Marie-Paule received a copy of it from a lady friend.

She read it and discovered the meaning of certain phrases relating to revelations she herself had received in 1958. She read the book five times. She then wholeheartedly adhered to the cause of the Lady of All Peoples, immediately grasping its timeliness and the mystical scope of the messages....



Writings describing Marie-Paule’s life, the founding and development of the Work of the Lady of All Peoples.
It is the announcing of a divine plan of love, linked to the Redemption: a mystical testimonial which is completely new in the Church, a mystery bound to the mystery of the Co-Redemption.
It is “a life like other lives – externally, the same afflictions, but within, what light, and, above all, what mystery!” (Raoul Auclair, Preface to Life of Love)


Five Works for our time, founded by Marie-Paule: the Army of Mary, the Family of the Sons and Daughters of Mary, the Community of the Sons and Daughters of Mary, the Oblate-Patriots and the Marialys Institute. These five Works constitute the Community of the Lady of All Peoples.


Message of the Lady of All Peoples and the official position of the Church.

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