Deux religieuses devant le reposoir
The Blessed Sacrament is exposed
day and night in the Spiri-Maria chapel so that adorers
may replace one another in a constant prayer before the Eucharistic Jesus.

“Jesus in the Eucharist is left so alone in His Tabernacles. Blest are those who will be able to be present at the ‘Spiri-Maria’ Chapel.

“Just as blest will be those men and women who, from their residence, their place of work or during the night, will place their souls before Jesus in the Host, uniting themselves to the adorers present before Him. May an arrow of love be directed often at the Monstrance, uplifting you in grace and helping you to accept your crosses, by associating them with those of Jesus, by telling Him how happy you are to be able to share their weight with Him!

Mother Paul-Marie

Length of Stay and Rates

For the benefit of those who would like to participate in a retreat, different options are available.

1- Two-day or five-day retreats with conferences.
The two-day retreat begins at 8:00 p.m. on Friday evening and ends on Sunday after the noon meal.
The five-day retreat begins at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evening and ends on Friday after the noon meal.
An information leaflet giving the dates, themes and assigned retreat masters is available upon request.

2- Retreats without conferences, but with access to times of adoration, spiritual direction and the sacraments.
An audio cassette loan service is available for those men and women who wish to avail themselves of it. In this case, each person is asked to bring his own tape player with headphones.

N.B.: It would be appreciated if, as much as possible, those wishing to participate in a retreat could register no later than two weeks prior to their arrival by calling the reception desk at Spiri-Maria Alma at (418) 625-3333.

3. Sunday days of prayer for groups or for members.
These days of prayer are held every Sunday except when there are special events such as concerts, etc. or solemn ceremonies of the Work.

For these days of prayer, everyone brings his own lunch. However, it is also possible to buy sandwiches, coffee, soft drinks and pastry on the spot, or order a hot meal.


9h00: Welcome
9h30: Sunday Mass
10h30: Spiritual Talks
(in the chapel basement)
12h00: Lunch– Adoration in groups
13h15: Marian and Eucharistic Hour
14h30: Mass

Group Retreats:
If arrangements are made in advance, it is possible to reserve rooms for special groups, according to the request made by the group leader.

Services Included in Each Set of Rates:
Whether it is a time of silence or a preached retreat of 2 or 5 days, each set of rates includes: spiritual ministry, accommodation and meals for the length of stay, the visit to the Pavillons “Father Philippe Roy,” “Raoul Auclair” and “Lucienne Poulin”, and the presence of a nurse on the premises in case of need. There is a private bathroom in each single or double room; the number of double rooms is limited.

Hall d’entréeCorridor
View inside the residences: the reception area, the hallway leading to the rooms...

RéfectoireChambre double
... the retreatants’ dining room and a double room.


For more information, you may get in touch with us at the following address:

626, route du Sanctuaire
Lac-Etchemin, QC G0R 1S0
Telephone and fax: (418) 625-3333
E-mail: spiri-maria@communaute-dame.qc.ca


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