A Haven of Peace and Love!


Located at Lac-Etchemin in an enchanting setting, the Eucharistic and Marian Center Spiri-Maria is open to all, whether they be simply visitors who wish to make a quick visit of the premises, or those who come to participate in the Community’s religious offices, or the retreatants in quest of some silent time for interior reflection.

In its very modest simplicity, the chapel of the Lady of All Peoples is open and welcoming to all. The atmosphere of silence present there fosters recollection and an intimate dialogue with God.

The chapel opens its doors at five o’clock in the morning and closes them at eleven o’clock at night. Adorers replace one another day and night in a constant prayer before the divine Guest who is permanently present. The hours of presence before the Blessed Sacrament during the night are assured by the Community members who live at Spiri-Maria.

During their stay, retreatants are lodged at the Spiri-Maria Alma residence (to the left) and the Spiri-Maria Pietro residence (to the right).



In the center, the chapel of the Lady of All Peoples
with, on either side, the residences Spiri-Maria Alma and Spiri-Maria Pietro.


Lac-Etchemin, a Marian Land

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